Africa is a vast continent two and a half times the size of America, having 26 000 km of coastline and 39 countries with access to the sea. Africa now has about 1.2 billion people. The population growth is proceeding at such pace that experts predict that, by the year 2050, population will reach two and a half billion. Thus, in 35 years, one out of 4 persons on this earth will be African.


The African economy is one of the most dynamic in the world. Commodities generate about one-third of this growth. Due to the growing demand of emerging markets such as China and India, Africa managed to stay strong economically, despite the effects of the economic downturn which continue to pollute the developing African economies.


As a result of an increasing demand for goods and equipment in Africa, port, road, railway and airport infrastructures are thriving and the latter enjoy sound financing to successfully complete ambitious logistics projects. These multiple developments and their impact play a vital role in the field of insurance, especially in the areas of port industry, oil industry, security and technique. New risks linked to these impacts are emerging, which present a major challenge to the insurance companies.


This growth, which at the moment is driven by energy, construction, transport and mining projects, far surpasses that of the well-established and developed markets in the West, which makes Africa essential for the insurance markets. Africa’s growth potential is one of the most remarkable of the planet in view of the relative virginity of the market. The insurers face (and will undoubtedly continue to face for a long time) an economic boom in this continent. It is therefore imperative that their partners can respond appropriately to this explosive demand


In this flourishing and motivating context DPS has chosen to materialize activities already started in Africa for a number of years, by engaging professionals and specialists not only with extensive experience in the field and their country, but also driven by a true passion for their work.


Quality is and will always remain the crux of our philosophy. Knowledge of the field, knowledge of the local risks and proactivity will always be our motto and make us partners of choice in Africa.


This valuable cornerstone adds a new and final dimension to the edifice that is DPS. No matter where you are, whatever your needs, a DPS expert is always there to listen to you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even in Africa!