Liaison Office

In order to ensure the best possible service to its clients, DPS has opened 2 regional offices in Africa, particularly in Senegal and Ivory Coast. Our African liaison office is based in Dakar, Senegal, and we have also opened a branch office in Ivory Coast covering the ports of Abidjan and San Pedro. These locations, besides the benefit of being situated in the heart of Africa, also allow us seamless cooperation with our Antwerp office, from which all worldwide activities are monitored. Thanks to these offices, DPS offers its clients direct and prompt service, without any intermediary and at a reduced cost.


We have chosen to engage expatriate professionals in our liaison office in Dakar, who have already proven themselves in Africa, and who are seasoned surveyors/ claim handlers. In Ivory Coast, our team is composed of senior surveyors and claim handlers, who have a wide knowledge of the many business branches in the Ivorian region. They are the best surveyors to coordinate our African activities in light of their knowledge of local practices, local culture, local languages and specific constraints of the region. Contactable at all times, they are also in the best position to nominate the appropriate surveyor which corresponds to the needs of our client and the technical situation.


As airport links are very frequent in Africa and road transfers very easy, we have surrounded ourselves with our own local surveyors, having a thorough understanding of all African countries and ports, and driven by an unrelenting passion for the profession. These employees are intervening in support of our local agents, based in each country in Africa to manage particularly sensitive cases, or in case multiple skills are required, in agreement with our clients. This unique vision of service in Africa allows our surveyors, together with our local agents in each country, to deal with sensitive assignments and provide unprecedented service quality.


In each country, our local surveyors have been selected with the utmost care to meet our criteria of excellence. Our surveyors each have their proper qualifications and will be assigned by our office in Dakar on a case-by-case basis in accordance with their experience and their technical skills. Our surveyors are all driven by a passion for our business and deeply value satisfaction and quality.