DPS becomes a FCC member

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The FCC was established to serve the growing trade in physical cocoa. Their aim is to develop a single robust commercial framework for the cocoa market, to achieve contract harmonisation and provide supporting services and education programmes.


Many of the world’s cocoa producers, chocolate manufacturers, cocoa processors, cocoa merchants and trade houses feature in their members list which also include warehouse keepers, insurers, superintendents and other trade associations.


DPS is very proud to announce their FCC membership as from 01/2018.


Our active role and presence on the entire African continent has resulted in a close cooperation with several cocoa traders, their underwriters or other parties involved.


Offering a pro-active approach in loss prevention surveys and inspections with a reliable and transparent service towards all the players in the market, and of course the FCC Members is our commitment.


For any questions about our services and locations, please contact our staff of DPS AFRICA.





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