Agricultural products

Africa has more than half of all fertile (yet uncultivated) land on the planet. Both at import and export level, agricultural products constitute an important financial hub. According to FAO, as regards Sub-Saharan Africa, the import bill for food products in certain countries is very high compared with the gross domestic product. For example, during the periods of increase of commodity prices in recent years, those countries spent on average up to 5 or 6 % of their GDP for the import of foodstuffs. In some countries, such as Sierra Leone, this ration was even considerably higher. The latter for example, during the peaks recorded at the end of the 90’s, had to spend 22 to 24 % of its GDP to commercial food imports, compared with 11 to 12 % for Somalia.


With 3.5 billion dollars of imports, Africa is the main importer and the largest consumer of rice. It is also estimated that cocoa exports will double over the next 5 years in response to the demand of emerging countries such as Brazil and China which have discovered the taste of chocolate.


In this audacious context, insurers are facing a growing demand and multiple challenges. The transport of foodstuffs and agricultural products involves considerable risks and insurers, importers, exporters and carriers should be able to count on a reliable partner in Africa, both at the level of risk prevention and at the level of management of their claims.


In this respect, DPS has established a service that specifically addresses risks involved in the transport of agricultural products such as cocoa, rice, coffee or sugar. These foodstuffs always suffer from condensation problems during transport and from infestation and storage problems. Being faced with ever-increasing costs linked with logistics and transport of the goods, importers and exporters cannot always choose the most appropriate way to transport the cargoes and count on the support of our surveyors to assess the inherent risks and to minimize losses.


Accordingly, a team with unique know-how in the matter was created to identify the risks and to efficiently advise our clients on the available prevention means linked with the transport of agricultural goods from / to Africa.


Furthermore, in case of a loss, our experts in agricultural products will identify the nature, the cause and the extent of the loss and try to minimize the loss by appropriate local solutions or by means of a salvage sale. However, our mission doesn’t end there; our teams have a long term vision. During the claims management process, our specialized teams give advice to our customers to make sure that future transports will proceed in the best possible conditions. Our teams also carry out numerous audits in, e.g., banana plantations, to find solutions tailored to smooth transport, this from the very start of harvesting and throughout the packaging process.


West Africa has unprecedented opportunities in terms of agricultural growth and offers good times ahead as regards exports to different countries all over the world to enjoy these sun-drenched foodstuffs that are so cruelly lacking in northern hemisphere countries. Our experts are ready to accompany insurers, importers, exporters and carriers on this road of the future.